Taking Stock – November


MADE:  a commitment to try to slow down and enjoy my girl’s last couple of weeks of primary school.  She’s off to high school next year and has her junior grad next week.   My two have attended this primary school for the last 10 years so my heart is a little heavy because I can’t believe this phase is over.  So I’m watching it all unfold closely and breathing it all in.  And I want to slow down and really enjoy the Christmas break and be present with my family.

COOKED:  Some new meals from some great blogs.  My fave so far being a lamb casserole vegetable stack.  Yummy.

DRANK:  Probably a few more alcoholic beverages than I should have lately.  Lazy weekends do that to me.

READING: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins and enjoying it.  And then I have All The Light We Cannot See cued up next.

WANTED:  to have done so much more towards Christmas by now, but feel like I still have a lot to do.

RECEIVED:   good news about my girls high school for next year and good news from my boys teachers about what a good person he is.  Swelling heart right here! J

DECIDED:  to cut myself some slack and realise you can’t achieve everything on time all the time.  It is what it is and will be when it will be.  Unless I can make it otherwise of course. 😉

WISHED:  for some lighter times in the near future.  Is it just me or does everything feel extra heavy at the moment.

ENJOYED:  watching my sons drama performance at school.  Something he really enjoys.  You can see the joy on his face.  It’s a mum/son thing.  I get it!  His dad not so much.

WONDERED:  why people have to be so downright nasty sometimes.

WORKED ON: staying calm and realising I can’t always fix things or do everything.  I try to too much.

STARTED:  Getting rid of the excess in our house.  We have too much of well… everything.  I need to part with some stuff.  I want things to feel lighter.  I think I have let go of some things mentally too.

WATCHED: School events, happy kids (most of the time) and fave TV shows.

HOPED:  for my kids to be happy and realise that friendships change but it’s not the end of the world.

NEEDED:  some peace and time for myself, but didn’t get it.  I’m feeling it.  That tight rubber band about to snap feeling.

SMELLED:  tiny tastes of rain on hot roads, but not what we need.  It’s so dry and hot.

WORE:  A tight booby top for a ball.  (Basically a top that reveals major cleavage).  I do not do booby tops very well, so it was a bit brave for me. J  It can be noted though that my hubby could not take his eyes off my boobies!

NOTICED: I don’t cope with nasty people well.  They get me down.   Few too many of these kinds of people of late.

THOUGHT:  about some ideas to try and reignite by love for photography.  I’ve been a bit down and in such a rut.  Some personal projects are in order I think.  I have noted down a few.

ADMIRED:  some beautiful photography blogs that are so simple and raw.  Especially of the photographers and their own beautiful families in their own elements.  Nothing fancy, just doing what they do.  This is what I love and I feel I have lost the joy of lately.

SORTED:  A cupboard full of Christmas stuff that has just been thrown into a cupboard haphazardly over the last month or so.  It’s all in some kind of order now.

BOUGHT:  some new bits and pieces to get my 2015 project life album in order.

FINALLY:  Went through the kitchen cupboards and gave all the excess containers etc to charity.

DISLIKED:  Seeing the news and watching the growing hatred and fear in the world.  It heartbreaking and quite scary.

FELT:  Sick over tensions between some people around me at the moment.

SNACKED: on way too much lately, but today raspberry and white chocolate coconut balls.  Yummo. J

LISTENED: Adele’s new album 25.  I quite like it.

DISCOVERED:  that I’m much happier when I’m working hard at something and creating.   Spare time ore boredom seems to get me down.

Thanks for stopping by.




5 Photos / 5 Stories Challenge – Photo 1

She is all these things:













But she is also all of these things:








This does not list everything of course.  She is so many things.  And will become a lot more things with time.  But she is my angel.  She is so trusting and loving and wants to be loved so much.  She loves her friends and is blindingly trusting that everyone is like her.  And they are not.  It’s tough.  They must be left to learn the lessons of life but I’m not ready for her to take it on alone.  I’m sorry, but this girl is a package deal.  You hurt one, you hurt four.  She has had some tough times of late from people she has completely trusted.  Girls just being mean.  Just mean and downright nasty.  Where does this come from???  I don’t know.  As parents we are limited to what we can say and do in school friend issues, but it is taking all my strength to hold back.  So I try to channel my strength to her.  And let her know she has done nothing wrong and how special she is.  Hard to tell a 10 y.o. this.  But I am so proud of my Jess.  There have been many tears but she is handling all of this with a grace that seems beyond her years.  She really is amazing.  There’s another word for her.  But I also hurt for her.  I hope this stops soon.   This mum’s heart bursts for her children.

My No. 2 picture will be a little less emotional I promise.

Grateful to be part of this challenge.

This post is part of a 5 Day/5Story Challenge originating with basildonkitchens

And I was invited to play along by the lovely Tracie

My Hometown

Ahhh… one of my favourite songs, if not my very favourite song from The Boss.  My hometown, like most, really has some gorgeous buildings and places to go.  I’m a bit of a homebody so tend to go to work, drop kids at school, get groceries on the same route every day.  I don’t venture far.  Such a shame really.  I want to take more photos around my town and my own little suburb and space to be truthful because hey, we’ve lived there for 18 years.  It’s going to be a big portion of our memories and especially the memories of my children.  So I’m going to try and do some posts of photos around my ‘Ville.

So on Friday we ventured down to our Strand.  Common name here as the street that runs along our city beachfront is called The Strand.  Many of you would have boulevards or boardwalks…. we have The Strand.  One of the oldest and most historic parts of our city.  The kids wanted to go to the movies and shops etc., but my hubby’s 4WD decided 2 weeks ago it was going to blow up its gearbox and that, my friends, is a very expensive thing for a car to do.  So we (I) decided a walk along the Strand might be nicer and cheaper option.  They scootered – I walked.  And of course I took photos.  🙂

Here’s a little look around a part of my hometown.

Townsville West State School. Built in 1937-39.  (Technically on our way to the Strand.  We haven’t made it there yet. 🙂 )  I have always loved this building.  Chris gets so sick of me saying every time we drive past that I want to take photos of it.  So now I’ve done it.  Unfortunately I don’t have a lens with a wide enough angle to fit it all in so had to stitch it.   It’s been abandoned as long as I can remember and it always makes me sad that such a gorgeous old building is not put to any use.  It had big beautiful trees all around it until recently when most were cut down.  I believe they are going to make it into apartments and office space in the next couple of years.  I wanted to capture it before they put signs etc anywhere or changed it any way.  It is heritage listed so hopefully won’t change too much.  The front gates which I’ve always loved are a monument to local soldiers who died in World War 1.

The Saint Patricks Church and Convent.  Built in 1930. (still on our way) Now this wasn’t necessarily a favourite building, but I stumbled across it one day when I had to pick something up for work out of my usual way.  One of those unexpected surprises when you think, wow… I didn’t know this was here.  There is beauty in everything.

Next is the St. John’s Anglican Church, where some good friends were married 16 years ago.  Just a really pretty little church.  One of the only ones that still rings its bell for services or when someone is married.  It’s so gorgeous.  It’s funny because I can never find it when I’m out driving around until I literally stumble across it.  It’s hidden is this tiny little street with huge trees that almost hide it.

Now I don’t normally go around photographing churches, but you have to admit… some of them are really pretty.  I haven’t even taken photos of the most gorgeous ones yet.  Another day. 🙂

Okay, so now we are are The Strand.  A lot of our cities moments etc., are related to the war being a Garrison City.  We parked by Anzac Park as there is so much history in this area.  And this coming weekend is our Anzac Day.

First stop, the Band Stand.  This was it’s official name and was built in 1913 and housed open air concerts.  It’s common name to locals is The Rotunda.  More good friends of ours were married here in 1998 and Jess announced to me on this day that she wants to get married here.  Stay tuned… 🙂    

The Centenary Fountain.  Built in 1964.  I use to play in this when I was really little.  It lights up at night and I have so many good memories playing near here.

The Garden of Remembrance.  

These little lights from above. I wonder who they might be?

Time out for some ice cream.  Now this place use to be called the Ozone Cafe and was my hangout with friends when we were in our late teens/early 20’s.  Built into the side of the mountain “Castle Hill”.  Spent many an afternoon and night here. 🙂

And we’re off…

Customs House  Built in 1902.  One of my best girlfriends and I always use to say we were going to buy this building and live in it.  We loved it.  It helped that it was situated on the beachfront.  Next to the Ozone Cafe and within walking distance to our favourite nighclubs.  🙂  Such a beautiful old building.  Rumored that it was sold to a family that live the back half of it and no-one ever sees them.  Hmmm…

The Queens Hotel Built 1902. Rumored to be haunted.  The kids weren’t keen to get too close.  Currently unoccupied.

Next and finally, the old Townsville Railway Station.  Opened in 1913. Or as we use to say when we were young and silly.  Where Guns n Roses lived. 🙂  GNR stands for Great Northern Railway.  This was on my list for where I wanted wedding photos, but of course it rained all day on our wedding day.  All plans went out the window and when did arrive to try and get some the gates had been closed. Love this building .  Again, my lens wasn’t quite wide enough for the whole thing.  You work with what you have.

IMG_7856 IMG_7854 IMG_7852 IMG_7842 IMG_7834 IMG_7833-2 IMG_7830-2 IMG_7828I finally got some photos I have been saying for so long I wanted. And really enjoyed stopping and taking the time instead of just driving by.  Thank you for coming on this little tour.  Hope you liked it.


Taking Stock April

Sharing the candle duties with his sister on his 15th birthday. (Note Jess and my awesome cake skills)

It’s time to take stock again.  It’s such a great thing to do and I love it when I see others doing the same.  I really love reading about their hopes and wishes and what they are doing right now.  It’s so very interesting to me.  It love that it makes me stop and think about where I’m at, where I want to be, am I progessing, or am I stuck?  I think it’s the latter most of the time.  But nevertheless, it’s such a good practice and I want to continue with it.

I’ve also been asked/nominated by the lovely Tracie, to do a 5 Photos 5 Stories Challenge which I have promised to do and will follow up with later today.  It seems easy and then I look at my photos and don’t know which to choose.  Gahhhh!    Anyhoo, photo 1 shall appear later today.  I’m hope I’m not too late.

Speaking of late I have some links at the end I’ve been hanging onto for weeks that you have probably seen a thousand and one times.  I hope you find something interesting.

Have a lovely day and if you have taken the time to pop by and visit, thank you sooo much. xo


Taking Stock

Cooking :  Lasagne tonight. (think I said the same last month. It’s so easy)

Drinking :  Pineapple Juice.

Reading:  Shooting with Soul. (still)

Wanting:  A Magic Lamp & Genie.

Looking:  forward to the weekend.  Anzac Day in Oz. 🙂

Playing:  Russian roulette with the downloading sites.  I’m a bit naughty.

Deciding:  on how to deal with horrible little girls that seem intent on breaking my girls heart. 😦

Wishing:  for some rain.  Our rain season didn’t happen.  It’s so hot and dry.  Come on Winter.

Enjoying:  editing and sorting some photos of a fun photo walk.

Waiting: for the next episode of Game of Thrones to be released.  On the naughty downloading site.  Ummah!

Liking: the chocolate brownie I’m eating.  Ummah!

Wondering:  how my Jess is going at school today with the horrible little girls.

Loving:  spare/quiet time when it happens.  Just to sit and recharge.

Pondering: what my gorgeous boy will do with his life.

Considering: buying things I shouldn’t at lunch time. 🙂

Watching: the building across the street be torn down to make way for a supermarket.  It was called the Cat and Fiddle Arcade and I loved going there when I was little.  It’s a bit sad.

Hoping: I can stick to my guns and get some achieve some things this weekend.  A few little goals.  But I will more than likely get distracted. 🙂

Marvelling: At some of my creative friends.

Needing:   Wisdom Smelling: my chocolate brownie.  Ummah!

Wearing:  A Paris necklace by girl gave me.  She has a purple one and I have the gorgeous blue one.  She wanted me to wear it today and she wore hers so we can be connected.  She’s a little sad right now.

Following:  so many wonderful blogs.  Loving project life inspiration at the moment.

Noticing: that my kids are really really awesome.

Knowing: I need to be more dedicated and committed with achieving the things I want.

Thinking: About work/kids/husband/bills/killing horrible girls/money/mum/health….  Oh you mean generally….  About chocolate.  Yeah chocolate. 🙂

Admiring:  my mum.   She never ever, I mean ever stops smiling despite her failing health and memory.  She is beyond wonderful and I love her so much.

Sorting: out a cluttered crazy house.

Buying: things I shouldn’t.  Ummah!

Getting: things clear in my head for achieve some goals.

Bookmarking:  creative things to do with the 500,000,000 photos I have.

Disliking:  my girl being upset.

Giggling: about how I make those tragic autocorrect phone mistakes when I’m texting people.  I could have my own page seriously.

Feeling:  Okay

Snacking: on that same damn chocolate brownie.  Yes I’m slow okay.

Coveting:  A gorgeous book-case/display cabinet I saw on Pinterest.  A bit old school.

Hearing:  Someone stuck on the lift right in front of me.  Seriously though, it happens all the time.  Usually for less than a minute.  Don’t panic.

And some links

Six words you should say.  Here

Bad Parkers. Funny because this is one of my pet hates.

Love this.

Me likey THIS…  Photo candy.

Oh wow.  I love seeing photos like this.  How cool.  Celebs.


This really made me laugh.  I’m a bit of a geek!

Vintage weddings.  I love these.

I hope I’m on the right track.  Here

These are cool.  And a little sad and eerie at the same time.

I am so doing this.  🙂

Simple, but YUM.  Cheesy Cauliflower Bake

Love these photos.  Vintage England.

Mad Men.  They certainly do have style.

This is pretty funny.  Emails acted out in real life.

And finally, I am definitely making these!

Taking Stock – March (oh – and some links)

Wish I had a clear pic of the pink one. But I love them all.

Firstly, a cute story about this photo.  My girl picks flowers on the way home from school for me all the time.  The pink one is from her favourite – the Frangipani tree.  This tree gives off white and yellow flowers for part of the year and pink the rest of the time.  Anyhoo, that was just extra info.  Now the other day when she said she picked me this frangipani, I thought it sounded funny.  I asked her again, what did you pick for me?  A friendship penny she said.  At first I said no, it’s a frangipani.  And then I said no again and that I loved friendship penny so much more.  They will always be friendship pennies from now on.  I love this.  🙂 ❤

Making : A list of ideas for my Project Life albums

Cooking : Apricot Chicken.  Nom!

Drinking : Water.  I should be drinking more

Reading: Blogs (catching up on so many)

Wanting: More time

Looking: At Francesca Russel’s gorgeous 5 Minute Project –  Short Story: Bath time.  Her photography, style and of course kids are gorgeous.

Playing: Imagine Dragons

Deciding: Whether to go out and do some errands.

Wishing: for too many things at the moment.  I think the wish fairy is scanning or blocking my wishes 🙂

Enjoying: Some quiet moments at work to do this.

Waiting: for the weekend. (Yes, it’s only Tuesday, but I’m waiting)

Liking: that Jess’s special Project Life pack turned up.  She wanted her own, and I got her this one with these.

Wondering: how on earth I’m going to achieve all the things swirling in my head.

Loving: some Grey’s Anatomy time. 🙂

Pondering: how to step outside my comfort zones and go out more. (serious introvert)

Considering: buying a new Camera – although I can’t really afford it.

Buying: presents online for my baby boy.  He’s 15 in 3 weeks.  When did that happen?

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy (see Loving)

Hoping: that Cylone (Nathan) hovering off our coast doesn’t get too much bigger or come much closer. :O

Marvelling: some of my creative friends and the things they accomplish.

Needing: some motivation.

Questioning: my husband’s sanity.  Seriously though… sometimes I think he’s losing it. 🙂

Smelling: Coffee.  The boys are brewing up a storm.

Wearing: Work clothes. Black pants, black work shirt…. Boring!

Following: Some of my faves.  Tracie, The Hours, Francesca Russell, Life Captured, Pip Lincolne, Kate… to name just a few.  🙂

Noticing: the changes in my almost 15 year old.  Watching closely to ensure he’s okay.  Very quiet and deep this one.

Knowing: We are all getting older so quickly and it’s just a little scary.

Thinking: I should probably be working.

Admiring: How amazingly strong people can be

Sorting: My photos and memory keeping projects.  I’ve made some progress. J

Getting: stuff sorted.  Random stuff, but stuff nonetheless.

Bookmarking: Not so much bookmarking, but I have kind of just discovered Pinterest.  Yes, I’m a little slow people.  It’s kind of cool hey?

Coveting: This and this… and (I love these) I have been coveting ebay for one of these for a while . J I love these antique coin operated binoculars.

Disliking: people who get angry over such silly things.  People who get angry period really.

Opening: Jess (and my) new project life bits and bobs.  Soooo pretty.

Giggling: at the silly language my girl and boy have.  I swear I can’t understand half the stuff they say to each other sometimes, but they do.  They crack each other up.  It’s nice.

Feeling: Tired… but happy.

Snacking: Nothing right now, but thinking about having a yummy croissant soon.

Wishing: for my kids to be happy and healthy.  It’s pretty much my staple wish.

Excited: about this book I JUST got, but haven’t read yet.

Helping: The boys in this office find things…. Seriously, they are hopeless.

Hearing: Office banter.  Several different conversations going and the mind numbing hum of the air conditioning unit in our building.  We are on the top floor (7th level) closest to the huge unit on the roof.

And now… for some links.  There have been some other great ones I forgot to record, so this is it I’m afraid, but I hope you find something you like. 🙂

Take care. xo

Quick and funny.

Wow. (Failures)

This is just… well.. great. And it’s Aussie. 🙂

Documenting Family Life.  Some great tips.  Now most of the mums I know already do this amazingly well, but it’s always interesting to read others advice and reinforce the message. 🙂

And THIS about story telling, is along the same lines, but such great stuff.


I get this… I have this now. :/

When you are feeling that you don’t make a difference. You do! (for mums of kids of all ages)

Such a great quote.

I would like to try this.  Freelensing.

Beautiful Photos of Motherhood.

It goes so fast. I really get this.

And I was looking for a photo to include at the end and I literally just found this on my phone.  Miss Jess and her selfies.  I was going to do some editing and thought no… I love this just as it is. 🙂  Bye for now.


Web Wanderings

These socks of hers remind me of a Dr. Seuss story for some reason. 🙂 Off to her sports carnival.

Life has been crazy busy with the kick off to the new school year underway, and Miss Jess being given a school captain’s position for her sporting house.  Presentation ceremonies, captains meetings, school sports carnivals.  I feel like we’ve been going flat out for weeks.  Anyhoo, maybe I will post something more deep and meaningful soon, but in the meantime here are some interesting links from around the web that have caught my attention.

Enjoy all!! 😀


On Aging. I love Frances McDormand

On Blame. Oh yep, I’ve done this.

On Happiness.

Introverts (that’s me!)

Photo Organisation – Yes please!

Taking back the snapshot. Yes. http://www.lynzibergphotography.com/taking-back-the-snapshot/

This is cool. Backstage at Saturday Night Live

This is a cute idea. Picattoo

I would love to see some of these.  30 of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins.

Take a deep breath. I love this.

This is an interesting read, considering my obsession with de-cluttering lately. I can relate to all of it.

We’ve had a little bit of rain, but need more. It’s sooooo hot and humid.


Taking Stock


I have seen two of these wonderful posts today from the lovely Tracie and her friend Christina and they reminded me that I started one of these waaaayyyyy back at the beginning of January when the year was new and fresh and we were all motivated and then I promptly forgot about it.  I’m kind of hopeless like that. 🙂  Anyway it prompted me to finish it.  I also follow a lovely blog Meet Me at Mike’s which has done the same and I originally saw this somewhere else inspirational at the beginning of the year and for the lift of me can’t remember.  See note about me being hopeless above.   Soooo, without further ado, here it is.

Making:  Plans for a healthier me
Cooking :  (tonight)  Baked Chicken and Potato Bake (not helping the plans above)
Drinking :  Water & more water
Reading:  Real Life Magazine (and about to read the book ‘Love, Rosie’)
Wanting:  an organised and de-cluttered house
Looking:  for some organisation advice for my house
Playing:  Bubble Safari on my phone
Deciding:  whether I should change jobs
Wishing:  for healthy and happy kids
Enjoying:  catching up on some of my favorite blogs
Waiting: for Greys Anatomy return tonight.  Yay!
Liking: the weather showing signs of getting a little cooler
Wondering:  if my mum’s lonely
Loving: family time lately with my kiddos
Pondering: how to be content
Considering: some changes
Watching: right now this screen. J  The Block (a house renovation show)
Hoping: to make positive changes in myself.
Marvelling: at people who just seem to get it right!
Needing: my mum sometimes.  Big girls need their mums too.
Smelling: the Butter Chicken I just at for lunch.
Wearing: my work uniform.  Grey shirt/black pants.  Boring!
Following: weekend link blogs.
Noticing: that I am living a kind of groundhog day life at the moment.
Knowing: I am stronger than I give myself credit for.
Thinking: About family.
Admiring: my beautiful daughter’s resilience to some nastiness.  She has a huge heart.

Sorting: a gazillion photos that need organising.

Buying: Project Life bits and pieces.
Getting: a little overwhelmed at the gazillion photos I need to sort through.
Bookmarking: organisation and de-cluttering tips and project life inspiration.
Disliking: the nastiness my girl has to deal with sometimes.
Opening: up to new experiences and friendships.  I’m such an introvert.
Giggling: at a post my oldest and best girlfriend made about us on Facebook.
Feeling:  a little nostalgic.
Snacking: a brownie hidden in my office drawer.  Ssshhhh….
Coveting:  a schmancy house make-over.
Helping:  my girl learn about photography and project life. (she loves it)
Hearing:  right now the boys in my office fighting about computer games.

Oh my gosh, did you make it to the end of my list.  Thanks for taking the time to read it.  Now for some links I have been saving up.  One of my favorite things on Monday morning is seeing some of the weekend link posts from a couple of my favorite bloggers.  I pick these up from some of these blogs and from all over.  Hope you enjoy these and I hope to do this a little more often.  Bye for now.

Great Photography Books http://petapixel.com/2014/11/28/13-photo-books-stocking-stuffers/

Being in the moment http://www.practisingsimplicity.com/2014/12/on-taking-less-photos.html

Lovely http://www.norvillerogers.com/an-open-letter-to-steph-who-sent-a-sky-lantern-to-her-father-which-landed-in-my-driveway/

This wedding is amazing. http://jonaspeterson.com/destination-wedding-2/masai-mara-wedding-nina-sebastian/

Goodbye at the door. http://www.shoandtellblog.com/2015/01/goodbye-at-door.html

I love this. http://mashable.com/2015/01/16/hippies-high-school/?utm_cid=mash-com-fb-main-link

Photographing children. http://www.practisingsimplicity.com/2014/07/how-to-photograph-your-kids-without.html 

Interesting. http://www.designformankind.com/2015/01/you-are-here/

I am really enjoying Project Life. Some inspiration: http://beckyhiggins.com/inspiration-from-our-creative-team-january-2015/

And the Project Life movie that makes me cry every time. Seriously every time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2YHLowXd7Q


Christmas, New Years, Some Hopes and a Word…

Christmas and New Years was a very quiet time this year for my little family.  The end of 2014 was a bit of a rough ride so we cuddled in nice and close and spent our time very simply.


10847711_10152726438884145_8939135281468749498_o 10869513_10152726437609145_8585080805738503696_o 10848857_10152726436754145_5924523221627050320_o 10900055_10152726436014145_185523334237579360_o 10608545_10152726435554145_3994408015786056919_o 10333483_10152726435294145_74425694309850869_o 10620239_10152726434604145_6182092049984780546_o

My hopes for our new year is to live life simply, maybe get a little healthier and to definitely get a little happier.  Nothing major, just some things I’d like.  And these things sound achievable.


10904596_10152739219834145_3425415352925076808_o 10453082_10152739220154145_2388194311890819706_o 885538_10152739220639145_155552378529490099_o10904060_10152739220204145_6651019496501664973_oAnd finally, my word for 2015 is Strength.  I thought of many words and nearly settled on Balance, but the lovely Tracie is going to rock that word this year.  I know this for sure.  Strength is something I know I have because of the things I have overcome, but I sometimes forget it’s there and sometimes also forget my own worth.  I’m going to call on all of my strength and strengths this year.  Who knows what might happen. 🙂

Take care all and welcome to a wonderful new year.

Cathie. xo

25 Songs – Day 25 – A song that you could listen to all day and not get tired of

Day 21 covered this really.  I love love love Tiny Dancer from Elton John.  I may have even gone for Landslide by Stevie Nicks (FM) but again, I’ve used it already.  For the purpose of this day I will try to come up with something else.

More Aussie music.  Angus & Julia Stone are a brother and sister group and they are so different and hauntingly beautiful.  I have all of their music and could very easily listen to this song and all of their music all day.   Enjoy! 🙂

Oh, and thank you Kate for introducing me to this challenge and for all who have played along.  It’s been fun and I’ve met some new peeps with similar and very different music tastes and have learned a little about each of you along the way.  I have also added some great music to my playlist in the last few weeks.  Woot! 🙂

25 Songs – Day 24 – A song you have danced to with your best friend

Well seriously folks…. what haven’t I danced to with my best friend.  The list is long and embarrassing people.   Our faves would be:

1.  Timewarp from Rocky Horror (mentioned in this challenge)

2.  Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf (this will make you happy Kate)

3.  Copperhead Road – Steve Earl (possibly our favourite)

4.  December ’63 – Oh What A Night – Four Seasons

5.  Lean on Me – Club Nouveau (usually once we had too many drinks and felt all lovey dovey)

Oh, and many more but these jump to mind very quickly.  But I’m going to throw a quirky one into the mix because we did dance to this a few times and injuries usually occurred for obvious reasons.  Yes, we tried the jump.  I know you get it. 🙂  Oh, and by the way…. Nobody puts baby in the corner.  Just sayin’.