Week and Weekend Moments

Everything has that oh my god it’s nearly Christmas, I’m running out of time feel about it.  Don’t you think?  Well that’s how I’m feeling at the moment.  Last week we had end of school activities and party dances and birthdays and sleepovers and I think I had a day off work in there somewhere too.  Not sure where it went, but it was there somewhere. 🙂

I try to stop and take a photo of most of the moments, but sometimes everything is moving too fast.   One of my New Year resolutions will be to slow down.  Really slow down and just savor everything more.  This is going to be a tough one.  Because of life in general for one reason, and because of they way I tick – being the other.  But I am going to try very hard.

So firstly we took a trip to Mutarnee Creek, which is just North of Townsville.  (okay technically this was last weekend, but it was a weekend)  It’s been so hot here, and we just want to get out and go for a swim.  We had the place to ourselves for about 3 hours and it is such a beautiful place.  The bank is primarily rocks, but they are mostly smooth river rocks and not hard to walk on.  The water wasn’t deep, but it was fresh and running strong and so very cool.  I went for a quick swim, but was more intent on taking photos of the kids, the rocks and the beautiful surroundings.  Oh, and I was hunting the very rare love heart rock.  Turned out they weren’t so rare.  I found quite a few.  




Swimming at Mutarnee




Your sisters goggles suit you buddy!


Later in the week we had missy moo’s Year 4 Party Dance at school.  This is their first official school event where they get all dressed up and do formal dances etc.  They dance, then have a light supper and act like little ladies and gentleman, then dance some more.  A civilized version of the school disco.  🙂  They all looked so cute.  Jess had the best time.

IMG_2290 copy


IMG_2295 copy 2IMG_2309

Jess and I decorated the tree on our own this year.  The boy had disappeared off to a friends house and the hubby was engrossed in something car racing related on the TV.  So we chilled out, put on a Barbie Christmas movie and decorated the tree.  Boy-free time. 🙂  I, of course, also decided to try playing with bokeh shapes while we were putting up lights which is totally fun, but takes some practice.

IMG_2208 IMG_2210 IMG_2215 IMG_2221 IMG_2229 IMG_2239 IMG_2246 IMG_2256 IMG_2258

We were still busy bees with other things during the week, but I kept forgetting to grab the camera.    Recite mantra:   slow… down… slow… down….

Anyway, times are busy but good.  I can’t complain and wouldn’t want to.  I’m off to organise Christmas hams, presents, musical instruments for 2014, sleepovers etc.

Repeat mantra.  🙂


One thought on “Week and Weekend Moments

  1. You have no idea how excited I am that you are blogging! Two posts so far in one week, great job my friend. I love these pictures, I had the honor of seeing some of these photo’s on FB and even better here because I get more of a back story. Isn’t it crazy how Christmas for both of us is sunny? I mean when I hear songs about “white Christmas” and things like that it always feels strange to celebrate in the sun. Not complaining promise, just pointing out facts. I love your idea about slowing down. We live in such a fast world. We can do it. Next year is going to be a good year. Plus we have a project we can look forward to together.

    Much love your friend Tracie.

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