Day 12 – Decoration

Okay, so I’m trying to join in on Laura’s Capturing December project.  I so love some of the prompts that have been provided, but finding the time to participate is always a bit of a challenge.

Anyhoo, so the funny thing is here I am, sitting at work thinking to myself, hmmm… decorations… what am I going to find here.  Yes, we have a few Christmas decorations at the front desk where I sit, but they are your normal everyday Christmas decorations.   Don’t get me wrong, these are beautiful and I would roll around on the floor in mountains of Christmas decorations given the chance because I totally ADORE this season.  But I thought to myself hey, what about all the other little bits and pieces I have decorating my desk that make me smile.  I have pictures of my man, my babies, treasured little bits of artwork they have made me and gifts they have given me.  Flowers that they have picked and given me when I’ve walked them into school and have since died but I can’t bare to part with them.  (stuck to the top of my picture frame)

These are all decorations of a different kind.  The ones that always make me smile, whatever season it is.  They can be found everywhere if you only look. xo


My babies gave me these for mothers day because I am always calling them my crazy monkeys. 🙂




One thought on “Day 12 – Decoration

  1. I adore them and so happy you are joining this fun. It’s so neat to see a bit of where you work too. I got behind yesterday and only posted my decoration this morning before I left for work.

    Much love to you friend

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