Out with the old….

New Year 2013 Balgal Beach, Rollingstone, NQ

Well, the title does not really match the post.  There is no way I would give away any moments from 2013.  I have heard so many people saying they are glad to see the back of 2013.  That is not so true for me.  Although the fresh new year feels so good and full of possibilities, 2013 held it’s own.   Like any year, it had it’s ups and downs, but I enjoyed looking back at my little old 2013.

My commitment for the year is to get healthy, along with my baby girl and of course my whole family, but it is first and foremost to slow down and enjoy life a little more.  And I also want to look at the now more.  I spend a little too much time looking back I think, hence the title of this post.  Looking back and smiling, and appreciating the times of our past (and yes, sometimes cringing) is a lovely thing to do, but in moderation.  Sometimes I think it keeps pulling us back, or holding us in one place, instead of letting us spread our wings to embrace the possibilities of now and tomorrow.  Phew!! That was deep.

Anyhoo, my little computie at home has not been playing nicely with me of late and iMovie and it’s changes are doing my head in for sure.  But I managed to put together a little montage of photos from the year that was.  Jess and I watched it last night and now she wants me to make one just for her, showing only photos of herself, me, ponies, puppies and her friends.  No boys!  Sigh….

Anyway, I kind of liked my year.    Hope you like some of the pics too if you decide to watch. Watch here – My 2013. 

Here’s to our nows and tomorrows!  Oh, okay and sometimes our yesterdays too.

Cathie. xo


3 thoughts on “Out with the old….

  1. Hello there. I really loved your year at a glimpse via vimeo. I really have the same problem of looking back, I’m calling it a problem but you know often I get lost in the past and forget about the now. It’s just something I do. I’m going to send you and email. soon. xo Love your friend Tracie

  2. Cathie, I just finished watching your 2013 video and it was beautiful. It looks like you and your family shared in many adventures, laughter, and fun through the year 🙂 I especially liked your photos of your family having fun in the summertime with sprinklers and water guns. Too fun!

  3. Lovely photos and a blessed life! I too have a hard time not getting bogged down in the past. Here’s to all of us beautiful ladies helping each other look forward and take 2014 by storm! ❤

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