Parenting guilt…


Okay okay… we all feel it.  But I’m having one of those days.  I am a full time working mum and my 2 are currently still on school holidays before the start of the new school year next week.  We had time off over the Christmas/New Year weeks and the odd days here and there as well, but it just hurts to leave them at home while my man and I have to go off to work.  I want to be taking them places and sharing things with them.  Our closest family here are in the same boat too so we can’t even take each others kids to help out.  They have the odd play day with friends etc which is great, but I feel bad about that too because I want to be with them.  It doesn’t help that I just ducked home for lunch with them and my girl cried because she hates that I have to go to work and why can’t I just stay home.  “Your work stinks” were her words to me.

Between the hubby and I we usually share the time off over the year so as to be able to take as much time off with them on holidays as possible.  Between the two of us we get 8 weeks off a year, but the kids get 12 weeks off all up.  And ideally we try to take time off together too.   Such is life, and we are all happy and healthy and able to provide comfortably for our family because of these jobs so I am grateful, but it still makes me a little sad at times.

Anyhoo, I just thought I would get that off my chest.  Okay, I’ve vented….  meditation pose – breath in slowly, breath out slowly.  Done.

Anyway, other than that, it was my hubby’s birthday on Monday.  ‘Just another day’ as he said.  🙂

His favourite. French Vanilla Cheesecake.

And I did manage to annoy the heck out of , I mean have heaps of fun with my kids taking lots of photos in my favourite afternoon spot in the back yard capturing sun flare over the last couple of weeks.  I just LOVE sun flare.  I will share some more photos when I have more internet data at home in the next couple of days (I used way over our allowed amount at Christmas with the kiddliwinks).  I am being naughty today and doing this at work.   Ssshhhhh…

IMG_3461 IMG_3484 IMG_3513 IMG_3535 IMG_3560 IMG_3586 IMG_3600

Back to work now.  But before that I am going to sneak in this video from one of my absolute favourite people on Vimeo.  Hailey Bartholomew.  And she’s an Aussie like me.  Double points!! 🙂  Her videos always make me rethink things a little and try to be more positive and grateful.  I started following this lady about 2-3 years ago.  She is amazing.  If you have time watch some of her films, it is so worth it.  Not only do they always carry a beautiful message, the films just feel good.

Bye for now.

Cathie. xo


6 thoughts on “Parenting guilt…

  1. I adore the carefree images in the sun with the flare, and the bubbles and the water and the CARE-FREE-nes, I know I mentioned the carefree first but it’s just looks so amazing to me. I can understand about the working parent guilt thing. When our kids have almost three full months off in the summer and we have to work each day, it kills me. I mean I get off work at a really great time but in the meantime they are home just playing video games or watching netflix when they should be out in the glorious sunshine. We Americans barely get time off. I don’t like our work philosophy, they say we live to work while in other countries they work to live. I want to work to live. We get two weeks off for the year. That’s it. I hate it. I loved the video too, very, very much. I’m a big believer in a grateful heart creates a happy heart. It’s just so true. Love you friend and I do see you make the best of your time home when you are there. You are a great mum.

  2. Nawww.. thank you Tracie. 🙂 Wow, 2 weeks. Thats crazy. Oh no, you seriously know how I feel then. My 2 are feeling the effects of too much time in front of the TV or computer games too. I’m glad you like the video. Hailey is just beautiful. Well after yesterday I asked for today off (luckily I have a pretty great boss) and we are off to play in the sun at the beach. Pics to follow – of course. 🙂 Have a lovely day/evening. Whatever you are doing. xo

  3. There is so much joy coming from the sun flare photos! They bring a smile to my face, and makes me crave the sun (we’re an icy 6 degrees today!)

    I can’t comment on parenting because I don’t have children yet, but I imagine it would be extremely hard having to leave for work while they are home. My mother comments on this a lot and said it was always the hardest part of parenting as a full-time worker. Tracie’s so right… we just work far too much in the US. It takes away from happiness and time with families, but it also drives us to enjoy every last drop of free time when we get it!

    • Thank you Caitlin. It was just one of those days. 🙂

      It is incredibly hot here are the moment, so I kind of crave some of your cold weather. But the sunshine is lovely. Hope you are all keeping warm. xo

  4. Mama guilt is the worst and all too often we are way too hard on ourselves!

    My dad was always working when I was a kid but him being at work are not the times remember. It’s the moments he and I had together (no matter how infrequent) that I still recall today because he made sure we had fun! Your photos are gorgeous and joyous. It looks like you capitalizes on your time with them, and it is those moments that they will remember. ❤

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