25 Songs – Day 2

A song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend

Well… we are talking decades ago here so not sure if my brain can stretch back that far.  Or maybe it just doesn’t want to! 🙂   But here goes…  I remember on one of our very first nights out together, double dating with my bestie, my ex was sitting in the back seat with her man when this song was playing.  My friend has just bought this album and we had been thrashing it for days, and anyway this was my favourite song from said album.  Ex who shall not be named because he was a bit of a shit, started singing this song (he was quite a good singer) and I remember thinking how dead set sexy does he sound?  Anyway, he leaned forward and started singing this song right into my ear/neck and now I remember this moment every time I hear the song.  Not because of him, but just because it was one of those Ooooh-ahhhhh moments. 🙂

Sorry ladies, it’s an Aussie singer so you may not have heard this song before.   I’m off to create my Jimmy Barnes playlist.


Playing along with these ladies…  Kate, Tracie & others whose links can be found on Kate’s page.  Please take the time to look at their songs.  Such a fun challenge.

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