25 Songs – Day 3

25 Songs, 25 Days – A song that reminds you of your parents.

Sorry I’m a bit behind after a busy week.

These are not as easy as you first think when you read through the list of the 25 Songs.  But I really have to go back to Olivia Newton John for my mum.  She loves her.  So much so I use to think I was competing with her as a child.  When you are looking through photo albums and your mum has photos of Olivia in there as well, you kind of feel a little threatened.  🙂  Please note they are real photos taken by mum, she is not a psycho celebrity stalker or anything.

This song is a 70’s flashback big time, but seeing this is the first time I have listened to it in about 20-25 years I have to smile.  Another one that takes me back.

Mum loved & still loves her Livvy.  Obviously we were big Grease fans too. 🙂

Cathie. 🙂  Day 4 coming soon.

Playing along with Kate, Tracie, Melanie Jo Moore, Surviving the Madhouse, Bishop Eddie



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