25 Songs – Day 7

25 Days, 25 Songs – A song that reminds you of the past Summer

Okay, this is another Aussie song by one of my favourite Aussie bands – Dragon.  (It’s a daggy filmclip)  This certainly isn’t from this past Summer because I really couldn’t pinpoint one, but it really does remind me of some of my favourite Summers.  When I was in high school, my best friend’s family owned a beach hut/house just outside of town.  We went there every weekend without fail, but at Christmas over the Summer break we would go up there for weeks.  This happened for about 5 years.  It really was just a magical time and place.  Her parents rarely came up on weekends, so it was just us and her granddad who didn’t mind what we were doing as long as we weren’t interrupting his fishing or afternoon nap.  🙂  He looked after us though, we were always safe, just given a LOT of freedom.

It was a very small beachside community so everyone knew each other and the kids all knew each other an became great friends.  The Black River Beach gang.  Two of my very best friends to this day are from this place.  Anyway too many stories from that time including the first kiss (giggle & blush), first drinking session which taught me never to drink Scotch again as long as I live, first heartbreak.  Oh so many things….  But this song makes me think of these summers every time.  And I always stop and reminisce and smile…



4 thoughts on “25 Songs – Day 7

  1. this song challenge has me wanting to have had you as a buddy growing up. We would have had such a good time watching all these cool movies together. I’m cracking up about the t-shirt!! Your mum is cool because I’m pretty sure my mom would have said NO WAY!! xo

  2. Haha.. It cracks me up that you keep commenting on the wrong post. Don’t worry I do it. I get busy reading posts, then get excited about commenting on something and completely forget to check with post I’m on when I do it. 🙂 Footloose always makes me think of Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion too. Another classic. I always get the words wrong like they do.

  3. Sounds like you had a some great summers growing up. That’s cool song, too. I’m not familiar with much Aussie music so it’s wonderful to hear songs that are brand new.

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