25 Songs – Day 9 – A song that gives you hope

This is just a feel good song.  I have loved this song since around the time Jayden was born (14 years ago this Sunday people – Eeeeeeek!) and I remember I use to play it a lot when he was little.  So no surprise that this was his first favourite song.  He was forever asking me to put it on in the car and you would hear his little voice singing along in the back.  It used to make my heart swell big time and he still loves it to this day.  And then my girl sang it with her choir at one of her yearly school concerts about 4 years ago and I got that warm fuzzy feeling all over again.  In fact I think they may be singing it again in their Easter concert today.  It is such a shame that the world has lost Israel’s beautiful voice.


Cathie. xo



6 thoughts on “25 Songs – Day 9 – A song that gives you hope

  1. I LOVE this song!! I’ve been trying to figure out where to fit it in to my list, but have been unsuccessful so far. So glad you included it in yours.

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