25 Songs – Day 13 – A song that reminds you of a former friend

Sorry last post for today.  I’m catching up again.  🙂  Okay, I had to put the thinking cap on for this one.  But when I finally thought of this one… yep it had to be it.  I had a friend Kathy I worked with for a number of years at a local TV station.  It was a great place to work.  One of those really fun places to work where people just got along and had fun all day.  Anyway, the Cathie/Kathy’s were really silly when they got together and workplace shenanigans were what we were all about really.  We got our work done, so the boss really just had to put up with us.   One of the office slogan’s were “When good Kathy’s go bad!”  We were trouble.  I remember once when evil Kathy (as we sometimes called ourselves – I was good Cathie) had a big night out and came in with a hangover, she slept under my desk all day.  She would make the odd appearance, but really she just slept and I protected her under the desk.  Other silly things included making fake black teeth out of cardboard and slipping them over our real teeth so it looked like were missing teeth and smiling at anyone who cared to look.  We also liked to cover ourselves in the fluorescent bandaids which were kept in our first aid kit.  I do remember ‘forgetting’ to tell evil Kathy to take hers off when she went to lunch one day.  She was mortified as she walked down the street when she found out why everyone was staring at her.  Honestly she had about 10 fluoro bandaids oh her face.  (I am seriously killing myself laughing remembering this).  Oh funny times…  Also, we used to make our boss Steve cups of coffee and add random things like salt, tomato sauce and any other thing we could find in the lunch room.  We would usually wait until he was on the phone, slip it on his desk and then hide and wait for the reaction.  Lucky he loved us.

Anyway, I could go on all day about the Cathie/Kathy’s, but we went separate ways, different jobs, different lives and just lot touch.  I had babies and loved my home life and Kathy was very social.  Always out and travelling.  Anyway when the movie ‘The Sweetest Thing’ came out, it just reminded me of the silly things we use to do to each other.  And how much we made each other laugh.  When Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate ring their friend from the side of the road to make her listen to their spring break song, and then sing it to her down the phone, we use to do this to each other all the time.  Anyway… enough.  Enjoy a great great song. 🙂


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