25 Songs – Day 22 – A song that someone has sung to you

When I was about 16, maybe 17 I suppose I was at a family friends party and met a young man by the name of Tim.  I think from memory he was about 19 and had just joined the army.   Now this was a long time ago but the term drop dead gorgeous still comes to mind when I think of him.  I remember him flirting with me all night and playing me more attention that a shy kind of girl really wants paid to her when everyone at the party is starting to pay attention to all this flirting.  Anyhoo as everyone at this party knew one another, this guy got my details and starting calling me ALL the time.

Now nothing much ever came out of this except a lot of flirting and silly giggling at parties and me feeling like queen muck because this 19 y.o. spunkmuffin liked 16 y.o. little old me. BUT….. on one of those long drawn out phone calls he sang this to me.  He could play the guitar and could sing like an angel.  I still remember making my mum listen to him singing and her saying she had never seem me blush so red in my whole life.  Such a great memory this one. 🙂

Check what these guys have had sung to them.

Surviving the Mad House

Life in the Wylde West

Melanie Jo Moore

Bishop Eddie Tatro’s Study


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