Web Wanderings

These socks of hers remind me of a Dr. Seuss story for some reason. 🙂 Off to her sports carnival.

Life has been crazy busy with the kick off to the new school year underway, and Miss Jess being given a school captain’s position for her sporting house.  Presentation ceremonies, captains meetings, school sports carnivals.  I feel like we’ve been going flat out for weeks.  Anyhoo, maybe I will post something more deep and meaningful soon, but in the meantime here are some interesting links from around the web that have caught my attention.

Enjoy all!! 😀


On Aging. I love Frances McDormand

On Blame. Oh yep, I’ve done this.

On Happiness.

Introverts (that’s me!)

Photo Organisation – Yes please!

Taking back the snapshot. Yes. http://www.lynzibergphotography.com/taking-back-the-snapshot/

This is cool. Backstage at Saturday Night Live

This is a cute idea. Picattoo

I would love to see some of these.  30 of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins.

Take a deep breath. I love this.

This is an interesting read, considering my obsession with de-cluttering lately. I can relate to all of it.

We’ve had a little bit of rain, but need more. It’s sooooo hot and humid.



5 thoughts on “Web Wanderings

  1. I really love her socks and that picture below!!! Oh my word. It’s a framer. I need to show miss Abbie cause we adore the rain and Miss Jess looks all sorts of adorable in it. Black and white was a great choice. I need to check out some of these blogs/websites. You always find good stuff.

      • perhaps this one would be a good one to process on canvas or enlarged. I made a little plaque of Abbie dancing in the rain a while back and had words put on there. It’s not very big just 5×7 but it feels a little special because it’s on wood and shiny and has a stand to hold it up.

  2. Oh yes, that sock photo is awesome, you definitely have to print it! It would also make a great card, or book cover for the right book. It just conveys so much. Great links, and us introverts have to stick together!

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