Taking Stock – March (oh – and some links)

Wish I had a clear pic of the pink one. But I love them all.

Firstly, a cute story about this photo.  My girl picks flowers on the way home from school for me all the time.  The pink one is from her favourite – the Frangipani tree.  This tree gives off white and yellow flowers for part of the year and pink the rest of the time.  Anyhoo, that was just extra info.  Now the other day when she said she picked me this frangipani, I thought it sounded funny.  I asked her again, what did you pick for me?  A friendship penny she said.  At first I said no, it’s a frangipani.  And then I said no again and that I loved friendship penny so much more.  They will always be friendship pennies from now on.  I love this.  🙂 ❤

Making : A list of ideas for my Project Life albums

Cooking : Apricot Chicken.  Nom!

Drinking : Water.  I should be drinking more

Reading: Blogs (catching up on so many)

Wanting: More time

Looking: At Francesca Russel’s gorgeous 5 Minute Project –  Short Story: Bath time.  Her photography, style and of course kids are gorgeous.

Playing: Imagine Dragons

Deciding: Whether to go out and do some errands.

Wishing: for too many things at the moment.  I think the wish fairy is scanning or blocking my wishes 🙂

Enjoying: Some quiet moments at work to do this.

Waiting: for the weekend. (Yes, it’s only Tuesday, but I’m waiting)

Liking: that Jess’s special Project Life pack turned up.  She wanted her own, and I got her this one with these.

Wondering: how on earth I’m going to achieve all the things swirling in my head.

Loving: some Grey’s Anatomy time. 🙂

Pondering: how to step outside my comfort zones and go out more. (serious introvert)

Considering: buying a new Camera – although I can’t really afford it.

Buying: presents online for my baby boy.  He’s 15 in 3 weeks.  When did that happen?

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy (see Loving)

Hoping: that Cylone (Nathan) hovering off our coast doesn’t get too much bigger or come much closer. :O

Marvelling: some of my creative friends and the things they accomplish.

Needing: some motivation.

Questioning: my husband’s sanity.  Seriously though… sometimes I think he’s losing it. 🙂

Smelling: Coffee.  The boys are brewing up a storm.

Wearing: Work clothes. Black pants, black work shirt…. Boring!

Following: Some of my faves.  Tracie, The Hours, Francesca Russell, Life Captured, Pip Lincolne, Kate… to name just a few.  🙂

Noticing: the changes in my almost 15 year old.  Watching closely to ensure he’s okay.  Very quiet and deep this one.

Knowing: We are all getting older so quickly and it’s just a little scary.

Thinking: I should probably be working.

Admiring: How amazingly strong people can be

Sorting: My photos and memory keeping projects.  I’ve made some progress. J

Getting: stuff sorted.  Random stuff, but stuff nonetheless.

Bookmarking: Not so much bookmarking, but I have kind of just discovered Pinterest.  Yes, I’m a little slow people.  It’s kind of cool hey?

Coveting: This and this… and (I love these) I have been coveting ebay for one of these for a while . J I love these antique coin operated binoculars.

Disliking: people who get angry over such silly things.  People who get angry period really.

Opening: Jess (and my) new project life bits and bobs.  Soooo pretty.

Giggling: at the silly language my girl and boy have.  I swear I can’t understand half the stuff they say to each other sometimes, but they do.  They crack each other up.  It’s nice.

Feeling: Tired… but happy.

Snacking: Nothing right now, but thinking about having a yummy croissant soon.

Wishing: for my kids to be happy and healthy.  It’s pretty much my staple wish.

Excited: about this book I JUST got, but haven’t read yet.

Helping: The boys in this office find things…. Seriously, they are hopeless.

Hearing: Office banter.  Several different conversations going and the mind numbing hum of the air conditioning unit in our building.  We are on the top floor (7th level) closest to the huge unit on the roof.

And now… for some links.  There have been some other great ones I forgot to record, so this is it I’m afraid, but I hope you find something you like. 🙂

Take care. xo

Quick and funny.

Wow. (Failures)

This is just… well.. great. And it’s Aussie. 🙂

Documenting Family Life.  Some great tips.  Now most of the mums I know already do this amazingly well, but it’s always interesting to read others advice and reinforce the message. 🙂

And THIS about story telling, is along the same lines, but such great stuff.


I get this… I have this now. :/

When you are feeling that you don’t make a difference. You do! (for mums of kids of all ages)

Such a great quote.

I would like to try this.  Freelensing.

Beautiful Photos of Motherhood.

It goes so fast. I really get this.

And I was looking for a photo to include at the end and I literally just found this on my phone.  Miss Jess and her selfies.  I was going to do some editing and thought no… I love this just as it is. 🙂  Bye for now.



6 thoughts on “Taking Stock – March (oh – and some links)

  1. First off, thank you! Secondly – love that the boys were brewing up a storm of coffee!! Lastly, you are such a good mom and so in tune with your kids and listening, even when they don’t say anything. I know that you are letting him know you are there for him! Sometimes I walk by and just rest my hand on T’s shoulder… just so he has contact 🙂 xoxo!

    • Thanks Kate. I do the very same thing. He might be off in his own world and I just give a quick cuddle and maybe just give each other a quick ‘hello’. And that’s it. He’s good and happy (I hope), just so very quiet. I’m a worrier. 🙂 Love watching your and T’s relationship and activities. You look like you have so much fun. xo

  2. Great taking stock, it will be so fun to look back and remember some of those details, yes? Can’t wait for you to get started in Shooting with Soul, a really great book, lots of inspiration! I can relate to what you said about your kids speaking to each other in ways that you don’t understand, my kids did and still do that same thing, it reminds me of what twins do. They say that twins create their own language just between themselves, maybe not the same, but similar. Your links were awesome! I love freelensing, more the end result than the process, because in my past attempts it was difficult. I too am having the photography blahs, so I am thinking I might go out and do some freelensing, thanks for the inspiration! Friendship penny = a perfect rename.

    • Still finding the time to really sit and take in Shooting with Soul, but can’t wait to. Oh and I still need to get out and give freelensing a real go. This weekend I think. And I’ll be sure to post some pics, even my fails. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

  3. How on heavens earth did I miss your stock??? Geesh. sometimes I’m just not on my game. I’m gald I found it today. I found it cause I challenge you to five days of five pictures that you tell a story about, a poem, or whatever. Besides the point really because Shooting with Soul, oh so fun, we have a We shoot with Soul group on flicker, I’ll send you an invite. We all started gung ho…then well you know life. Perhaps you will get me remotivated. Also new camera!!! yes, do it. Yes. You deserve it. You do. I also love to see how Francesca documents the life of her little ones. Happy Birthday again to your Jayden and sorry I missed this but I’m here now! xo

    • Don’t be sorry. You are a busy busy lady with so many projects going on. 🙂 I honestly wonder how you do it somtimes. And oh wow, thank you for the challenge. I wholeheartedly accept and can’t wait to get home and post #1. I would love to join the Flickr group too. Yay – so excited. Oh… a new camera will have to wait a while me thinks, but my old reliable will do me for a while yet. We get along pretty well my little old camera and I. xo

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