Taking Stock April

Sharing the candle duties with his sister on his 15th birthday. (Note Jess and my awesome cake skills)

It’s time to take stock again.  It’s such a great thing to do and I love it when I see others doing the same.  I really love reading about their hopes and wishes and what they are doing right now.  It’s so very interesting to me.  It love that it makes me stop and think about where I’m at, where I want to be, am I progessing, or am I stuck?  I think it’s the latter most of the time.  But nevertheless, it’s such a good practice and I want to continue with it.

I’ve also been asked/nominated by the lovely Tracie, to do a 5 Photos 5 Stories Challenge which I have promised to do and will follow up with later today.  It seems easy and then I look at my photos and don’t know which to choose.  Gahhhh!    Anyhoo, photo 1 shall appear later today.  I’m hope I’m not too late.

Speaking of late I have some links at the end I’ve been hanging onto for weeks that you have probably seen a thousand and one times.  I hope you find something interesting.

Have a lovely day and if you have taken the time to pop by and visit, thank you sooo much. xo


Taking Stock

Cooking :  Lasagne tonight. (think I said the same last month. It’s so easy)

Drinking :  Pineapple Juice.

Reading:  Shooting with Soul. (still)

Wanting:  A Magic Lamp & Genie.

Looking:  forward to the weekend.  Anzac Day in Oz. 🙂

Playing:  Russian roulette with the downloading sites.  I’m a bit naughty.

Deciding:  on how to deal with horrible little girls that seem intent on breaking my girls heart. 😦

Wishing:  for some rain.  Our rain season didn’t happen.  It’s so hot and dry.  Come on Winter.

Enjoying:  editing and sorting some photos of a fun photo walk.

Waiting: for the next episode of Game of Thrones to be released.  On the naughty downloading site.  Ummah!

Liking: the chocolate brownie I’m eating.  Ummah!

Wondering:  how my Jess is going at school today with the horrible little girls.

Loving:  spare/quiet time when it happens.  Just to sit and recharge.

Pondering: what my gorgeous boy will do with his life.

Considering: buying things I shouldn’t at lunch time. 🙂

Watching: the building across the street be torn down to make way for a supermarket.  It was called the Cat and Fiddle Arcade and I loved going there when I was little.  It’s a bit sad.

Hoping: I can stick to my guns and get some achieve some things this weekend.  A few little goals.  But I will more than likely get distracted. 🙂

Marvelling: At some of my creative friends.

Needing:   Wisdom Smelling: my chocolate brownie.  Ummah!

Wearing:  A Paris necklace by girl gave me.  She has a purple one and I have the gorgeous blue one.  She wanted me to wear it today and she wore hers so we can be connected.  She’s a little sad right now.

Following:  so many wonderful blogs.  Loving project life inspiration at the moment.

Noticing: that my kids are really really awesome.

Knowing: I need to be more dedicated and committed with achieving the things I want.

Thinking: About work/kids/husband/bills/killing horrible girls/money/mum/health….  Oh you mean generally….  About chocolate.  Yeah chocolate. 🙂

Admiring:  my mum.   She never ever, I mean ever stops smiling despite her failing health and memory.  She is beyond wonderful and I love her so much.

Sorting: out a cluttered crazy house.

Buying: things I shouldn’t.  Ummah!

Getting: things clear in my head for achieve some goals.

Bookmarking:  creative things to do with the 500,000,000 photos I have.

Disliking:  my girl being upset.

Giggling: about how I make those tragic autocorrect phone mistakes when I’m texting people.  I could have my own page seriously.

Feeling:  Okay

Snacking: on that same damn chocolate brownie.  Yes I’m slow okay.

Coveting:  A gorgeous book-case/display cabinet I saw on Pinterest.  A bit old school.

Hearing:  Someone stuck on the lift right in front of me.  Seriously though, it happens all the time.  Usually for less than a minute.  Don’t panic.

And some links

Six words you should say.  Here

Bad Parkers. Funny because this is one of my pet hates.

Love this.

Me likey THIS…  Photo candy.

Oh wow.  I love seeing photos like this.  How cool.  Celebs.


This really made me laugh.  I’m a bit of a geek!

Vintage weddings.  I love these.

I hope I’m on the right track.  Here

These are cool.  And a little sad and eerie at the same time.

I am so doing this.  🙂

Simple, but YUM.  Cheesy Cauliflower Bake

Love these photos.  Vintage England.

Mad Men.  They certainly do have style.

This is pretty funny.  Emails acted out in real life.

And finally, I am definitely making these!


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