5 Photos / 5 Stories Challenge – Photo 1

She is all these things:













But she is also all of these things:








This does not list everything of course.  She is so many things.  And will become a lot more things with time.  But she is my angel.  She is so trusting and loving and wants to be loved so much.  She loves her friends and is blindingly trusting that everyone is like her.  And they are not.  It’s tough.  They must be left to learn the lessons of life but I’m not ready for her to take it on alone.  I’m sorry, but this girl is a package deal.  You hurt one, you hurt four.  She has had some tough times of late from people she has completely trusted.  Girls just being mean.  Just mean and downright nasty.  Where does this come from???  I don’t know.  As parents we are limited to what we can say and do in school friend issues, but it is taking all my strength to hold back.  So I try to channel my strength to her.  And let her know she has done nothing wrong and how special she is.  Hard to tell a 10 y.o. this.  But I am so proud of my Jess.  There have been many tears but she is handling all of this with a grace that seems beyond her years.  She really is amazing.  There’s another word for her.  But I also hurt for her.  I hope this stops soon.   This mum’s heart bursts for her children.

My No. 2 picture will be a little less emotional I promise.

Grateful to be part of this challenge.

This post is part of a 5 Day/5Story Challenge originating with basildonkitchens

And I was invited to play along by the lovely Tracie


4 thoughts on “5 Photos / 5 Stories Challenge – Photo 1

  1. She is such a beautiful, beautiful girl! She radiates goodness, thoughtfulness, love. I see it in all her images, I saw it in live video and I so very wish she and Abbie could become better friends. Abbie misses the blog. Kids can be mean. Abbie has experienced heart break too. This portrait of Jess is so pretty. How I wish you two were my neighbors.

    Give her a hug from me and Abbie, you too mama.


    • Thanks Tracie. She just read this and said to say thank you and wishes she could meet Abbie and become great friends too. I just couldn’t believe it. We just came off holidays and Jess had a couple of sleepovers etc. and everyone had a great time. All happy and then on Sunday it all flipped around. It had her not wanting to go to school on Monday and she never feels like that. Sunday she was inconsolable to the point of hyperventilating. Anyway, not going on about it, she’s feeling better so I’m thankful for that. I’ll just say beware of the angry VERY protective mama! 🙂 I remember you have mentioned Abbie having her bad times. Do these people not know the posse these girls have behind them? Much love to both of you. xo

  2. She’s beautiful! She reminds me a lot of little T who seems as emotional as your daughter and like you, I worry about her. Because I know that yes, people can be cruel (especially children), they say things not knowing how much it will hurt the other. I guess we can only hope that we’ve taught our kids well, how to handle when one is being mean and never to be cruel to others too. x

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