My Hometown

Ahhh… one of my favourite songs, if not my very favourite song from The Boss.  My hometown, like most, really has some gorgeous buildings and places to go.  I’m a bit of a homebody so tend to go to work, drop kids at school, get groceries on the same route every day.  I don’t venture far.  Such a shame really.  I want to take more photos around my town and my own little suburb and space to be truthful because hey, we’ve lived there for 18 years.  It’s going to be a big portion of our memories and especially the memories of my children.  So I’m going to try and do some posts of photos around my ‘Ville.

So on Friday we ventured down to our Strand.  Common name here as the street that runs along our city beachfront is called The Strand.  Many of you would have boulevards or boardwalks…. we have The Strand.  One of the oldest and most historic parts of our city.  The kids wanted to go to the movies and shops etc., but my hubby’s 4WD decided 2 weeks ago it was going to blow up its gearbox and that, my friends, is a very expensive thing for a car to do.  So we (I) decided a walk along the Strand might be nicer and cheaper option.  They scootered – I walked.  And of course I took photos.  🙂

Here’s a little look around a part of my hometown.

Townsville West State School. Built in 1937-39.  (Technically on our way to the Strand.  We haven’t made it there yet. 🙂 )  I have always loved this building.  Chris gets so sick of me saying every time we drive past that I want to take photos of it.  So now I’ve done it.  Unfortunately I don’t have a lens with a wide enough angle to fit it all in so had to stitch it.   It’s been abandoned as long as I can remember and it always makes me sad that such a gorgeous old building is not put to any use.  It had big beautiful trees all around it until recently when most were cut down.  I believe they are going to make it into apartments and office space in the next couple of years.  I wanted to capture it before they put signs etc anywhere or changed it any way.  It is heritage listed so hopefully won’t change too much.  The front gates which I’ve always loved are a monument to local soldiers who died in World War 1.

The Saint Patricks Church and Convent.  Built in 1930. (still on our way) Now this wasn’t necessarily a favourite building, but I stumbled across it one day when I had to pick something up for work out of my usual way.  One of those unexpected surprises when you think, wow… I didn’t know this was here.  There is beauty in everything.

Next is the St. John’s Anglican Church, where some good friends were married 16 years ago.  Just a really pretty little church.  One of the only ones that still rings its bell for services or when someone is married.  It’s so gorgeous.  It’s funny because I can never find it when I’m out driving around until I literally stumble across it.  It’s hidden is this tiny little street with huge trees that almost hide it.

Now I don’t normally go around photographing churches, but you have to admit… some of them are really pretty.  I haven’t even taken photos of the most gorgeous ones yet.  Another day. 🙂

Okay, so now we are are The Strand.  A lot of our cities moments etc., are related to the war being a Garrison City.  We parked by Anzac Park as there is so much history in this area.  And this coming weekend is our Anzac Day.

First stop, the Band Stand.  This was it’s official name and was built in 1913 and housed open air concerts.  It’s common name to locals is The Rotunda.  More good friends of ours were married here in 1998 and Jess announced to me on this day that she wants to get married here.  Stay tuned… 🙂    

The Centenary Fountain.  Built in 1964.  I use to play in this when I was really little.  It lights up at night and I have so many good memories playing near here.

The Garden of Remembrance.  

These little lights from above. I wonder who they might be?

Time out for some ice cream.  Now this place use to be called the Ozone Cafe and was my hangout with friends when we were in our late teens/early 20’s.  Built into the side of the mountain “Castle Hill”.  Spent many an afternoon and night here. 🙂

And we’re off…

Customs House  Built in 1902.  One of my best girlfriends and I always use to say we were going to buy this building and live in it.  We loved it.  It helped that it was situated on the beachfront.  Next to the Ozone Cafe and within walking distance to our favourite nighclubs.  🙂  Such a beautiful old building.  Rumored that it was sold to a family that live the back half of it and no-one ever sees them.  Hmmm…

The Queens Hotel Built 1902. Rumored to be haunted.  The kids weren’t keen to get too close.  Currently unoccupied.

Next and finally, the old Townsville Railway Station.  Opened in 1913. Or as we use to say when we were young and silly.  Where Guns n Roses lived. 🙂  GNR stands for Great Northern Railway.  This was on my list for where I wanted wedding photos, but of course it rained all day on our wedding day.  All plans went out the window and when did arrive to try and get some the gates had been closed. Love this building .  Again, my lens wasn’t quite wide enough for the whole thing.  You work with what you have.

IMG_7856 IMG_7854 IMG_7852 IMG_7842 IMG_7834 IMG_7833-2 IMG_7830-2 IMG_7828I finally got some photos I have been saying for so long I wanted. And really enjoyed stopping and taking the time instead of just driving by.  Thank you for coming on this little tour.  Hope you liked it.



3 thoughts on “My Hometown

  1. that was so totally awesome!! I want to see more and more and more! So pretty the history. What a great day with the kids. You did so well making the building one big panoramic. Wow. So good. May Abbie and I come when Jess gets married in that gorgeous gazebo?? I loved this. I keep wanting to make a video of my home town. Austin said he would help me but it’s one of those projects that is on the list you know. I’m behind. I know I have your stock to read. I have been so busy at work it’s insane. My days are going by so fast. Today I woke up and thought it was Wednesday already…well it is for you but for me it’s still Tuesday. I said “You mean, I have only worked one day this week?, Feels like two” Xo Love your friend TracIE

    p.s. your villle (love that) has so much beautiful history….our history is not as old being on the far West Coast.

    • Thanks Tracie. It was fun. There are so many more things I want to take pics of. Not just the known buildings, but the every day areas around town too. But finding the time. Gahhh!! Yes we are just starting our Wednesday, which is still too far away from Friday for my liking. Haha. And I ways forget the video. So hopeless. I would have got some great footage of Jess dancing around the Gazebo as well. She though she was in an episode of Dance Academy.
      And PS. Of course you can come to her wedding. It might/will/better be a way off yet. 🙂

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