Taking Stock – November


MADE:  a commitment to try to slow down and enjoy my girl’s last couple of weeks of primary school.  She’s off to high school next year and has her junior grad next week.   My two have attended this primary school for the last 10 years so my heart is a little heavy because I can’t believe this phase is over.  So I’m watching it all unfold closely and breathing it all in.  And I want to slow down and really enjoy the Christmas break and be present with my family.

COOKED:  Some new meals from some great blogs.  My fave so far being a lamb casserole vegetable stack.  Yummy.

DRANK:  Probably a few more alcoholic beverages than I should have lately.  Lazy weekends do that to me.

READING: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins and enjoying it.  And then I have All The Light We Cannot See cued up next.

WANTED:  to have done so much more towards Christmas by now, but feel like I still have a lot to do.

RECEIVED:   good news about my girls high school for next year and good news from my boys teachers about what a good person he is.  Swelling heart right here! J

DECIDED:  to cut myself some slack and realise you can’t achieve everything on time all the time.  It is what it is and will be when it will be.  Unless I can make it otherwise of course. 😉

WISHED:  for some lighter times in the near future.  Is it just me or does everything feel extra heavy at the moment.

ENJOYED:  watching my sons drama performance at school.  Something he really enjoys.  You can see the joy on his face.  It’s a mum/son thing.  I get it!  His dad not so much.

WONDERED:  why people have to be so downright nasty sometimes.

WORKED ON: staying calm and realising I can’t always fix things or do everything.  I try to too much.

STARTED:  Getting rid of the excess in our house.  We have too much of well… everything.  I need to part with some stuff.  I want things to feel lighter.  I think I have let go of some things mentally too.

WATCHED: School events, happy kids (most of the time) and fave TV shows.

HOPED:  for my kids to be happy and realise that friendships change but it’s not the end of the world.

NEEDED:  some peace and time for myself, but didn’t get it.  I’m feeling it.  That tight rubber band about to snap feeling.

SMELLED:  tiny tastes of rain on hot roads, but not what we need.  It’s so dry and hot.

WORE:  A tight booby top for a ball.  (Basically a top that reveals major cleavage).  I do not do booby tops very well, so it was a bit brave for me. J  It can be noted though that my hubby could not take his eyes off my boobies!

NOTICED: I don’t cope with nasty people well.  They get me down.   Few too many of these kinds of people of late.

THOUGHT:  about some ideas to try and reignite by love for photography.  I’ve been a bit down and in such a rut.  Some personal projects are in order I think.  I have noted down a few.

ADMIRED:  some beautiful photography blogs that are so simple and raw.  Especially of the photographers and their own beautiful families in their own elements.  Nothing fancy, just doing what they do.  This is what I love and I feel I have lost the joy of lately.

SORTED:  A cupboard full of Christmas stuff that has just been thrown into a cupboard haphazardly over the last month or so.  It’s all in some kind of order now.

BOUGHT:  some new bits and pieces to get my 2015 project life album in order.

FINALLY:  Went through the kitchen cupboards and gave all the excess containers etc to charity.

DISLIKED:  Seeing the news and watching the growing hatred and fear in the world.  It heartbreaking and quite scary.

FELT:  Sick over tensions between some people around me at the moment.

SNACKED: on way too much lately, but today raspberry and white chocolate coconut balls.  Yummo. J

LISTENED: Adele’s new album 25.  I quite like it.

DISCOVERED:  that I’m much happier when I’m working hard at something and creating.   Spare time ore boredom seems to get me down.

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3 thoughts on “Taking Stock – November

  1. We do seem to be living parallel lives! Whenever I read your stuff I wish sooo very much you were my neighbor. Oh the fun we could have. I love the part about hearing your son is a good person. I was just telling my oldest…being good people are the best thing we can possible be…education, money it can be a cherry on top but good people, that’s where it’s at. I was thinking….and it could be a bit ambitious but I wanted to do a 52 weeks of portraits with my girl. Just once a week the two of us. Our girls will change so much in a year. It’s a thought on my list of thoughts. I loved reading your stock and the boobies…I was cracking up. Rich would be just like your J, and me…well like I feel a draft and it feels weird. Gosh I sure love who you are. xo

    • Thank you Tracie. I bet we could have fun if we lived closer. 🙂 And I so really love the idea of 52 portraits of our girls. I’m in. It’s something I know I can do. It was leaning toward a 52 week project for myself so it’s perfect. Thank you for thinking of me. You get your people to talk to my people and we’ll kick it off in January if you like. How exciting!
      I have to say when I went to Jayden’s drama night, his teacher adores him and told me how she knows she can just count on him. Then in the recess between shows I was talking to 2 of his other teachers who said he’s just lovely. So good and always so helpful. It just really made me so proud. He has one teacher who sends old fashioned post cards in the mail and we have 2 stuck to the fridge saying how proud she is of him and how well he does. We must be doing something right. But he’s a keeper for sure. 🙂
      Oh, and I missed the heart in the photo. How could I do that? But you didn’t of course. 😉 xo

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