IMG_2995I’m just plain crazy about my family.  Some people are crazy about oh I don’t know…. horses, golf, collecting dust bunnies.  But me, I’m just plain head over heels in love with my family.  This space is for them and my extended family and friends who know what I’m like.  We like to be in our space and do what we do.  I hope to post here as often as possible and hope that you will take a moment to check in on us from time to time.

My family consists of my me, crazy about photography and my family, my hubby who is crazy about cars, racing cars and anything pretty much with horsepower.  My son who is turning out be an exact replica of his father, although a little softer.  He loves hanging out with his mum and to my delight loves photography too.  And then there is my gorgeous girl who has just discovered One Direction (please help me!) and loves everything pink, girlie, sparkly or horse related.   We have a menagerie of birds and fish, 2 little pooches Bonnie & Clyde (both girls) and a model car collection which takes up just about every inch of wall space in our home.  Sigh!  We spend most of our time together, sharing in our various activities and our home is our centre.  We really do just love to hang out together at home.  Life is pretty good I have to say.

We are four calders.

Thank you for visiting.


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